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Residential Movers

Looking to relocate? First Supreme Moving offers homeowners the best professional residential moving service in the Metro Area. We are prepared to assist you every step of the way.  We offer a flat-rate moving package with no added fees, and on-the-dot scheduling. Our technicians are skilled in safely and efficiently transporting delicate or important items, from pianos to sculptures, and will have you settled in your new location faster than you expect.

Commercial Movers

Whether you need to move your private office or your entire building,First Supreme Moving business commercial relocation service has you covered. Our specialists will have your entire office packed overnight to minimize downtime and transferred to your new location safely and quickly. Our storage services are perfect for those looking to store overstock or office equipment. First Supreme Moving offers long-term warehouse storage options with partners, as well as options for self-storage when you want to access your items conveniently. Our official partners storage facilities are climate controlled, secure, and easily accessed. For your convenience, we have multiple locations in New York City and New Jersey .

Local Movers

Whether you’re changing neighborhoods or moving down the block, First Supreme Moving is prepared to heighten the efficiency and comfort of the moving process. Our moving packages include full packing/storage options, as well as providing you with a specific time to know when you’ll be fully moved in. Our team is courteous, experienced and fast.


Feel daunted by the clutter? Wish you could just pack and move all your items with a snap? First Supreme Moving offers full-service packing and unpacking services. Our servicemen will clean, organize, and box all your items – as well as unpacking and arranging them once they arrive at your new location. Stay around to assist or watch us do what we know how to do best – or enjoy some leisure time elsewhere; First Supreme Moving will take on the complete moving process so you don’t have to lift a single finger.

Long Distance Movers

If you’re moving your home or business cross-country,First Supreme Moving Long-Distance service is your answer. The entire trip is planned in advance to maximize efficiency; our skilled drivers know the fastest routes, and will arrive promptly at your new location at a pre-appointed time, so there’s no waiting around. We’re skilled at safely packing and transporting delicate or technically complicated items – so we can be trusted in moving precious items such as furniture or art. Our packing and storage service makes the entire process worry-free for you – just let us do the work.

International Movers

We provide the pinnacle of professional service for international moves. We have built long-standing relationships with certified shippers, and we provide door-to-door or door-to-port unpacking and delivery services.

We understand that traveling internationally can present a challenge; our experience with advance planning of worldwide moves ensures that the move will go perfectly. We offer international storage services for all those wishing to store additional items, for either long or short term periods. If you’re looking for a drama-free, pleasant, and efficient international move for your home or business, First Supreme Moving has you covered.

Our Process



Envisioning a perfect efficient move? When you decide to contact First Supreme Moving, you will consult live with an agent experienced with moving customers in your same neighborhood or area. Contact First Supreme Moving for the established pinnacle of stress-free total moving service. Our employees are the best in the business; our employees are paid higher than any old man with a van, ensuring our priority of quality in all we do. We can be reached by phone or email and will respond promptly and clearly to any submitted request or question


Get Estimate

First Supreme Moving offers clear and precise estimates for a complete moving package, with zero hidden fees or nickle-and-diming. Upon request we offer a flat rate quote for the entire process. We will set a date and time in advance for our trucks to arrive at your origin point to pick up your luggage.


Before Move

Moving can be complicated; we recommend keeping packed objects consolidated and organized by room, as well as packing bags for luggage to be transported separately. The night before the move, confirm that the materials are organized and labeled – and then relax; we will efficiently take care of the entire packing process the following day. We offer an additional packing service; we will wrap and package every object of your luggage for transportation, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Rest assured that your move will not only be handled by an experienced foreman but that the home office will be available to address any issues that arise.


Moving Day

On the day of your relocation, our moving team will wrap all of your furniture and any loose fragile items will be boxed. After documenting all objects being moved, the movers provide you with an inventory form, and load all objects for transportation. We will provide a specific delivery time and wait for your arrival at your new home. Also, First Supreme Moving and Storage dispatchers will never send out a crew without previous instructions of how to drive to each location. This is all to ensure that the move itself will be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.


After Move

Unpacking is a fast process; our movers will unload all packed objects, assemble furniture such as bed frames or tables, and provide you with delivery receipts. Once fully moved in, payment can be processed via cash, credit, or check.


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